Bridgestone Kabuki

This Bridgestone Kabuki was the first bike I built at Freeride. Free Ride is a non-profit bike co-operative whose goal is to get old donated bikes back onto the streets. They have a program where you can “earn a bike” by volunteering in the shop, and then you can learn to fix up one of the donated bikes and keep it yourself.

I started from the frame up – there was nothing but the frame in the beginning, no pedals, gears, wheels, or even a fork or handlebars. The frame is pretty light and was made by Bridgestone (like the tires) in Japan. The frame had some issues and it took me about 2 months to finish completely but it is really fun to ride. It has just one gear (its fixed – it has no freewheel – so no coasting!) it is pretty simple but it was very rewarding to learn so much about bikes and to get one going on my own. I learned a lot about working on bikes from this project!