Motobacane Mirage Sport

This Motobecane Mirage Sport is the second bike I built at freeride. After I finished working on my first bike I spent a lot of time giving back volunteering at freeride, where I helped others work on their bikes. I was able to help a surprising amount and I learned a whole lot too! One day this frame came in and I had to work on it – it is a French bike and very light.

I started this bike from the frame up as well, but this time progress was much quicker. I had some trouble with the seat tube, as it was badly bent up from the previous owner. To fix this problem I built a home made shim from an aluminum can – now everything fits like a dream! I was very lucky with all the parts for the bike, everything is much higher quality then on my first attempt. I have double walled rims, a 9 sprocket cassette, a nice saddle, and some home made bullhorn handlebars (making me the coolest kid in town). I removed the front derailleur because it only added complexity and I never found myself using the smaller chain ring. I really like the bike!