Nixie Clock

I saw some Nixie Clocks and got me exited to build my own, this project is kind of a right of passage for electronics tinkerers. A Nixie tube is what was used before seven segment displays for readouts. They are basically a light bulb with 10 filaments, one for each of the numbers. They glow a beautiful orange and have a brilliant effect.

I used a Microchip PIC 16F877A, some grey code counters, and a whole lot of transistors for my build. I built the box with some help of my uncle, a carpenter, and some other friends. The tube sockets were made using a CNC machine from my schools workshop, as was the side panel. You can’t see it in these pictures, but I built a full wave rectifying power supply for both the logic and the tubes which is resting bellow the main logic board.

It is also a fully functioning alarm clock, including two alarms which can be set independently of one another. I used a doorbell ringer as the alarm, so it’s loud! I usually had classes M,W,F and T,Th, which started at different times. I used to reset my alarm every day – but not any more! Now I just switch from Alarm 1 to Alarm 2. Simple.