End of Training

I have finally come to the end of my training! Its hard to believe I have almost finished my 10 weeks of Peace Corps training, so much has happened over my time here. I have finished my language training and achieved my target language level in French (intermediate-high for francophone posts). I finished a whole sequence (a semester) at my Lycee, including giving lessons in both theory and practice, creating, proctoring, and grading exams, filling out report cards and handing out prizes to my best students. Model school was great, I feel it prepared me very well for everything from classroom management to lesson planning to administration to the various forms a teacher must fill out.

Now that all of our exams, projects, and grueling language tests are finished we are pretty free up until the end of training. I will be swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer next week and (after some celebrating) I will be leaving for my post along with all the other volunteers. This might be my last time seeing some of them for quite some time because we are being sent all over Cameroon. During the next few weeks I will get to prepare my house and get situated in my new town. I will also have time to talk with my school’s administration and prepare my lessons. School starts on the 6th of September, I cant wait!

Here are some pictures of my training school, my language teachers, my students (the sixiemes, the youngest and my favorite), all of the informatique teachers (in matching pagne), and a baby lizard: