New House

I finally moved into my new house in Lolodorf. I’m now located right across the street from my school, which is really convenient. I am just a five minute walk away from teaching, and I can go back to my house for planning when I’m not helping out around the school. I live in a walled in compound in an apartment underneath of a unfinished house where my neighbours will soon be living. I have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living area, and a big kitchen. I’m still not done furnishing everything, but I’ve hired a few local menuisiers (carpenters) to build my tables, book shelves, and bed. I’m just working on the living room now and then everything should be finished and I will finally be settled in.

I’m finally officially neighbours with the Katchumbas, my land lord and friends, so I have been spending a lot of time with them and their kids. I’m right down the road from most of the other teachers, including the secretary and my principal.  Now “downtown” is just a 10 minute walk away, where I can pick up some fresh things for my dinner, or grab some beans and bignets or a spaghetti omelette sandwich.