For some much needed technological entertainment I picked up a modded PSP for the holidays, which my postmate graciously brought back from America for me. Right now I have it up and running with an 8GB memory card and a spare battery for when I go without power.

So far it has been great, I have gotten a few video game emulators up and running including NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo 64. This has been the best way I have ever played ROMs, the controller is a welcome improvement over playing on a computer keyboard and I can take it wherever I want to go. The PSP is powerful enough to emulate a boat load of consoles and handhelds, so I figure with just this one device I can play the better part of the collective video game catalog.

I’ve also found a handy app to convert my movies and TV shows for viewing on the PSP, and I even found a comic book reader which is a million times better than reading comic books on my computer.

I’m looking forward to receiving some games I’m having some friends send me which should keep me occupied for a while. This is the perfect addition to my repitoire here, I should be able to play a huge amount of games even when there’s no power (you can only read so much, trust me) plus a lot of extra features. I’ve been feeling pretty technology starved with just my one computer and slow internet, I’ve grown accustomed to my no compromise setup  having 3+ computers with different operating systems and high speed internet. Something to look forward to…

Here are some pictures of the PSP playing some ROMs, as well as a nifty notebook cooler I picked up.