Fête de la Jeunesse

This week was Youth Week in Cameroon; school was unofficially cancelled but there was still many things going on.

My colleague Narcise and I organised a soiree cutural for the club informatique where the students were able to show off everything they have learned in the club to students as well as the staff. For the last few weeks we have been working with the students after school teaching a variety of subjects.

I guided two groups, teaching the theory and practice of installing an operating systems as well as software applications. We went through all of a computer setup – from the basics (defining operating system, software, BIOS, etc.) to installing and configuring some operating systems and software, with an emphasis on good maintenance practices. Narcise taught the other two groups about computer maintenance and system configuration.

The soiree went off great, the students had a great time and hopefully learned something too. We even rented a sound system (the students love editing and mixing music) and played football afterwards (staff vs students).

At the end of the week the students from all the nearby schools parade through the center of town where I was able to take a bunch of great photos of the local elementary students as well as my own students at the lycee. My students at the Lycee Classic are wearing their blue/green uniforms.