First Seminar

Over the past three weeks I have completed my first  large project in Bamenda: a three week training course for computer science teachers and inspectors. In the class I covered computer hardware and software maintenance and computer networking essentials.

I worked with two colleagues: Mr. Asiminde, A Cameroonian who covered database access systems, and Benjamin Ace, a Peace Corps Volunteer who covered computer programming fundamentals.

We had 5 hours of instruction each day 6 days a week, but I still felt a little pressed for time. Even so, I was able to get a lot of practical exercises into the coursework and we even had a field trip to a local University, BUST, to perform maintenance on their computer lab.

About a week after the course ended we held an award ceremony for the students. It was a good time and I gave a speech along with the Delegate of Secondary Education. We both handed out the accreditations. Afterwards we had a nice meal prepared by one of the students.

Overall I was very happy with the results, it was very refreshing teaching adults at a higher level. I spent a good deal of time writing a training manual to accompany my class, and I am hoping to distribute it around to help other volunteers and educational institutions.