Food of the North West

In the North West Region of Cameroon the local cuisine is a bit different than in the South. There are typically many more vegetables and I personally find the food here to be the best in Cameroon.

The prominent dishes are achu (pounded cocoyams and plantains served with “yellow soup”) and njamanjama and fufu corn (a leafy vegetable sauteed like spinach served with boiled corn meal, a bit like polenta). Another favourite of mine are “scotch eggs” which are balls of fried dough with peeled hard boiled eggs inside, often served with “pepe” a hot sauce. Also pictured is mashed potatoes with beans, and a spaghetti sandwich.

Not pictured but typical of North West cuisine is pepe soup, which is a soup made with ground black peper and chicken, and white beans which are often served over rice.