Teacher Training

I spent the last week in Kumbo, a city in the North West Region of Cameroon, providing a seminar for teachers. Computer Science teachers from all over the division were present. The course took place at the Government Bilingual High School Kumbo (GBHS Kumbo), which had better than average facilities for the seminar.

Over the week we covered many topics from computer hardware and software maintenance, to network configuration and management, and even C++ programming. The students were tested through practical lessons throughout the course, starting with a hardware troubleshooting obstacle course, moving on to network cable crimping and network configuration, and on to writing simple code.

I feel the seminar was very well received and helped increase the skills of the teachers. The most challenging subject for most of the participants was  the C++ programming section,  but by the end of the course each of the students had created a functional calculator program. There is a serious need in Cameroon for more of these trainings to take place in order to improve the performance of untrained teachers.

Each of the students received several DVDs of software and training materials for the laboratories for aiding in the teaching of computer science.

I received a lot of help from my friends Andrew and Christian, who helped me by taking on a few lessons and helping out with practicals. Below are some pictures of the seminar, my students, the school, and Kumbo.