Bamenda University of Science and Technology

I’ve been working with Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) for over a year now. BUST has been responsible for some of the most fulfilling work I have had the pleasure to do in Cameroon.

I first learned about BUST through a colleague of mine, Chi David, who was acting as a lecturer there. I went to sit in on his classes and I was immediately impressed by the school. BUST is a small private university located right outside of Bamenda, with an enrollment of around 600 students. Because of its small size and excellent private management, the school has been able to sidestep many of the bureaucratic hurdles plaguing their public counterparts.

The administration is very open to new ideas and innovative thinking; They practice a hands on approach and encourage entrepreneurship in their students. They wisely attempt to focus the education system for the environment of Cameroon.

At BUST I lectured a course on Computer Networking (TCP/IP), with a focus on CISCO equipment. I attempted to stress practical skills, and my students were expected to apply theory learned in my class in practical exercises.

Aside from lecturing, I advised the university in the design of a new computer laboratory for technical students through making professional recommendations for the type and number of computers needed, networking equipment required, and calculating the electrical requirements for the new lab. The administration was very receptive and moved quickly to purchase the necessary equipment. My students and I helped install the laboratory and a functional computer network throughout the school, as a practical and constructive exercise.

In the past few months I have been helping in the design and implementation of the new department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Working with other staff members I helped devise a three year sample curriculum for the new program. I also gave my recommendations for the technical equipment required for the electrical engineering section of this program.

I enjoyed working with BUST and I have high hopes for this school and wish it great success in the future!