COS Trip

On my way home from Cameroon I traveled for three weeks with friends in North Africa and Europe.

Directly from Cameroon I flew to Egypt along with two other Peace Corps friends, Allison and Jenny. We stayed in downtown Cairo where we saw museums, the pyramids, and walked around the city enjoying everything. I really liked the excellent street food (falafel, baba ghanoush, and fool) along with fresh fruit juice and hibiscus tea. Later that week we visited Alexandria for a couple days before heading our separate ways.

From Egypt I traveled to France, where I explored Paris on my own for a few days. From there I met a family friend Lionel in Strasbourg which is on the border of Germany. I was able to get a lot of French practice with Lionel and his wife Michele while I was staying with them. I explored Strasbourg and the surrounding country with Lionel, and I traveled one day on my own to Basel, Switzerland which was only a short train ride away.

After saying goodbye to Lionel I traveled to Brussels, Belgium to meet up with another Peace Corps friend, Jared. We stayed in a hostel in the very center of the city and enjoyed exploring the place. We ate lots of fries, waffles, and drank really good beer. Then we traveled to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam is a very beautiful city filled with canals and with bicycles everywhere. We mostly enjoyed the scenic waterways and we saw the sites of the town.

From Amsterdam I traveled back to Paris to take my flight home to the US, which was my first time home in over 27 months!