DIY Desk Building

Upon moving to a new apartment, I wanted to replace my cheap Ikea desk I had been using since college.

I really wanted a large surface area to place my dual monitors, speakers, keyboard and mouse and still have room for a laptop and any projects I was working on. I quickly found that it was very difficult to find a table to the dimensions I wanted, so I decided to build my own.

I decided to create my own table top and purchase legs for it. I found the perfect legs at Ikea, the FINNVARD. The trestles were designed for an architect style drafting table, were fully adjustable, and even had storage on the bottom.

I built the table top from two sheets of plywood from Home Depot.  The plywood was too thin for a single sheet to give the desired weight/feel, so I used cheap MDF for the bottom layer and a nicer sheet for the top layer. Home Depot even cut the sheets to size for me, around 6’x30″. The cuts were not exact, so I had to even out the discrepancies with a hand saw.

To attach the two boards together, I spread wood glue over the bottom layer, placed the top layer underneath, and used wood screws to bind them together. This firmly bonded the two sheets into one.

To cover up the sides and keep them visually pleasing I used thin 2″ molding . I only covered two sides and the front, to make things easier. I used brad nails and wood glue to attach the molding to the sides.

Finally, I painted the wood with a sealant. This added some shine and would help protect the wood.

My parents helped me get all of the supplies and assemble the table. You can see us all working on it together in the pictures below!