Auto Linux ISO Torrent Seeder

I’ve always been looking for ways to donate my home bandwidth to good causes. One of the best ways I’ve found is seeding Linux .ISO’s with BitTorrent using my trusty QNAP NAS (which is running Debian and Transmission).

The problem with seeding Linux distros is that new releases are always coming out, meaning you may be seeding old versions unless you’re constantly on top of it.

To solve this issue I wrote a bash script to automatically download the newest torrents for my favorite Linux distributions. The script is hosted on my github, here.

The script combs ftp sites using curl and sorts the output to find the current release. Next it downloads the torrent using wget and copies it into my torrent client’s watch directory.

Add the script to a crontab and Voila, an automatic Linux seedbox! (don’t forget to perform port forwarding to improve your seeding performance)


I’ve updated my script to download more Linux distributions, and I set it up to run on my shell account on, a public access Unix system. The latest torrents  are downloaded every night, so its always up to date.

You can pull down the most recent Linux isos at any time from here, or use the script below to automate the process. Happy seeding!