Cape Evans

Last week I was fortunate enough to take a trip out to Cape Evans, the site of Scott’s Hut, where Scott staged for his failed trip to the geographic south pole.

Cape Evans is a few miles north of McMurdo Station. Two drivers were kind enough to volunteer their time to shuttle a small group of us to this historic site. We drove across the ice shelf for about one hour each way, passing beautiful glaciers and dramatic islands on our trip.

The Hut itself has been amazingly well preserved; it is truly taking a walk through history. The expedition’s supplies look undisturbed, you can still see their scientific equipment, bedding, dining table, food, and even their supply of seal blubber they used for fuel remains.

From the Cape their are stunning views of Mount Erebus and nearby glaciers. Near the site there is a hill with a cross commemorating the members of Shackleton’s expedition who did not return.

It was an amazing experience to see such an important place of Antarctic history so well preserved!